I'm a fan of shoes - in fact, I just bought 4 pairs the other day.  I haven't bought a pair of high heels in many years because I'm a fan of comfort more than being taller.  There is a new style of high heels for sale that might have solved the comfort issue for millions of women!

Crocs have been known for comfort shoes for many years but they've been mostly shoes that are flat or with some sort of shoe with holes in them.  But, the company is stepping up their game and adding some new variety.  Crocs are now making high heels and you can find several types for sale on Amazon right now.

You can check out some of the selection at this link:  High heel Crocs on Amazon

High Heel Crocs

You can buy the tan pair now at this link or the black pair here!  There are many other colors and styles though so don't let these colors make or break your decision.

Lots of people love these shoes but check out what a few dissatisfied customers are saying:

  • Dayna - I'm not used to wearing heels, but these were more comfortable than I expected. I did find that they felt small after being on my feet for a few hours. I also found that they made a weird noise when I walked in them, and while it was entertaining for my kids (and made them giggle), it was a little uncomfortable to wear them at work. They don't look like crocs and if I hadn't told anyone, they didn't know. I did get many compliments on them though.
  • Sonia - I like these shoes for work- they are comfortable, but be warned that they get more snug in the heat! I live in FL and store my shoes in the garage. After being in the hot garage a couple of days, they were almost too tight to wear. They seemed to stretch back out after I brought them in and wore them a couple more times. The main downside to these shoes is that they show scuff/scratches really easily.
  • Modesta - The problem with this beautiful shoes is that I never wore them because I got two right sided shoes and I unfortunately have one right and one left foot I still have them hopefully one of this days my left foot converts to a left foot 😂

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