In its first year of operation, the Southeast Regional Crisis Center (SERCC) in Rochester has served over 800 people. 

IN CRISIS? CALL 1-844-274-7472

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday afternoon for a new mental health crisis center in Rochester.

The Southeast Regional Crisis designed to provide 24/7 care for people experiencing a mental health crisis and will serve residents of Olmsted and 9 neighboring and nearby counties in southeastern Minnesota.

Rochester State Senator Dave Senjem played a major role in creating and passing the legislation that led the Minnesota Department of Human Services to award $5 million in funding for the new center. Read More: Groundbreaking For New Mental Health Crisis Center in Rochester

Within Hours of Opening, SERCC Was Hard at Work

If you're wondering how needed the SERCC is, within hours of opening on July 28, 2021, community members were already seeking stabilization support. And since then, according to a press release from SERCC, over 800 people have utilized the crisis response services including over 375 stays in SERCC’s short-term residential programming.

Most of those seeking help were under the age of 30 and struggling with anxiety and depression. The short-term stays can be as long as 10 days, but SERCC Executive Director Nicole Mucheck says most have moved out after 6 days.

More Than Crisis Stabilization at SERCC

The crisis stabilization and short-term residential services have been an important part of their work but helping people find support within the community is also a big part of the organization. In this past year, they’ve assisted 185 individuals in finding outpatient care for psychiatry, psychotherapy, and diagnostic assessments.

IN CRISIS? CALL 1-844-274-7472

Mucheck said in a news release, "The story here at SERCC is a story of grit with staff that show up to work to help those who many times do not show us their best selves but show us their most vulnerable moment.”

Southeast Regional Crisis Center (SERCC) is on the Olmsted County government campus at 2121 Campus Drive SE in Rochester. They serve people of all ages, regardless of the type of mental health crisis they’re experiencing or their financial situation or insurance status.

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