When is the new Crumbl Cookies opening up in Rochester, Minnesota?

That's a very popular question popping up all over social media - mostly by moms - because moms who know this place LOVE this new cookie joint being built in Rochester, Minnesota.  I wanted to know for myself because I've promised my kids that I would take them there as soon as they opened.  If you've been wondering what the opening date is, I have a little bit of info for all of you curious cookie peeps.


Is the rumor of Crumbl Cookie opening on July 30th correct?

Here's what I know so far:

  • UPDATE:  As of 8/6, Crumbl Cookies has added Rochester, Minnesota to their locations on their website!
  • I also can't seem to find any social media accounts yet for our new store either.
  • But, I did find some info on the Spotted in Rochester Facebook page.  Sounds like July 30th was the date picked after a delay happened.  But, unfortunately, it might be opening even later than the 30th.
Photo by Morgane Perraud on Unsplash
Photo by Morgane Perraud on Unsplash

When I hear the cookies will be baking at Crumbl Cookies, I'll announce it loud and proud!

Come hang out with me over on Facebook at my page - Jessica On The Radio - so you don't miss the info about the place opening.  I stick all the local news that moms and women need to know over there.  Everyone is welcome.  If you are mean though, I'll kick you out.

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