Science says, when you see it, you have "spontaneous pleasure cravings"!

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We have No Phone Zones. When we go to church, the phones stay at home. Dinner-time = No Phone Zone. Saturday nights, we make a big deal out of Family Movie and Game Night. We put aside our phones. The kids take turns helping make dinner. We play Uno or Monopoly. We take turns picking a movie. I'm still waiting MY turn for Galaxy Quest. We usually decide with Rock, Paper, Scissors...and I always go Vulcan, when I should go Fire - Fire always wins!

I love playing Uno, though! We taught the kids to play when we were over in Kiev. Cathy and I had fun playing - and winning! Now the cards have turned! There's a couple different versions, where instead of JUST Draw Two, there's Draw Four, Switch Hands With Another Player - and the Uno Attack! Oi! The Never-Ending Uno! The game is really starting to need some kind of strategy to win. Almost like playing Monopoly...or Risk!

Usually when we're sitting around, the kids always have their faces glued to their phones and some social media.

A new study out of the Netherlands found that Facebook can be as addictive as chocolate. Seeing the Facebook logo can generate "spontaneous pleasure cravings".

Maybe that's why I usually have a big, icy glass of milk when I'm surfing and catching up...

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