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Where did people put all their rants and repeats before social media? What did we do before we had an outlet to share our angry takes about...well, about almost everything?

Dear Rochester Ranting Repeaters -

Please, give yourself the gift of 30 seconds. You need it, and we certainly need it. We as in people trying to have conversations and get along.

How to Give Yourself the Gift of 30 Seconds

When you see a headline that really gets you going, a headline that hits that sweet spot where anger bubbles up and you feel your hands and fingers tingle...stop for 30 seconds before you comment.

What do you do with that 30 seconds? You either close your eyes and imagine your most favorite place in the world for that time, or, you do a quick scan of the comments. If you do the first, boom. You'll find yourself relaxed and you'll scroll on. Probably.

National Parks Service
National Parks Service

But, if you scan the comments, you can see if what you're going to say adds anything to what's been said or just repeats what a metric ton of people have already said.

Let's try a test headline (borrowed from Strong Bad): 

The Fish Was Delish and It Made Quite A Dish

Close Your Eyes Method:

  • You close your eyes, and while you strenuously disagree and think the fish was NOT delish (and the commie-radical right-leftist loon-MSM-America hating-jerks ruined the dish with their stupidity, hatred of living things, and lack of common sense and research, and-why-is-Mayor-Norton-ignoring this travesty), you have 30 gloriously peaceful seconds to decide if it really is something you want to get upset over.
  • You may also be less stressed and even fall asleep.
Side view of chubby man looking broken while lying on top of laptop.

Scan The Comments Method:

  • You keep your eyes open and you scan the comments. Has someone already blamed Mayor Norton for it? Check. Has someone already blamed Trump, Biden, et al? If you see a metric-butt-ton of people have already said what you were going to say, you know the thoughts out there and saying the same thing will likely just get ignored.

I admit this offering comes from a very selfish place. I'd like to be able to have conversations with people when we disagree. When a ton of SE Minnesota responds to a story, then it makes it almost impossible to go back and find the conversation later.

I also worry if more and more people follow the pattern of such unkindness, it'll be harder for us to live together in this society.

Hoping kindness will find a way, I remain yours truly.

James Rabe
    Radio Guy


PS - I'm regularly told, "I have a right to my own opinion!" Of course you do. Anyone saying different is way off base. Maybe there's a misunderstanding going on. Me trying to have a conversation isn't me saying you can't have an opinion, it's me saying, "I'd like to know more about your opinion...heck, maybe you have info I don't and I'll learn something "

I'd guess the same is true for most people. On the other hand, it's been said people accuse you of what they're most guilty of. Whatever the case, I wish you well.

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

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