Looks like a familiar Rochester, Minnesota restaurant now has a new name. The signage for Wong's Cafe on 18th Ave. NW is now gone and a new restaurant has taken over that location.

Not sure when it happened but the Wong's Cafe signs on the building on 18th Ave. NW are gone. Today, Cantonese Cafe signs are now proudly displayed on the front and side of the building.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

After Serving 60+ Years in and Around Rochester, Wong's Cafe is Gone

If you look at the website for Wong's Cafe, you'll notice that it says "UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.... WE ARE TEMPORARILY ONLY OPEN FOR CARRY OUT!!".  The address they have listed is 4180 18th Ave NW, Rochester, MN 55901.  But, if you go there, the Wong's Cafe signs are no longer there.

Jessica Williams

What does Google say about Wong's Cafe?

According to Google, Wong's Cafe is still open.  Obviously, it's not but Cantonese Cafe is! So what is going on? A family member reached out to explain...



The restaurant is just changing its name. Customers can expect the same menu/food when they visit which is good news because their egg rolls are amazing! In other restaurant news, did you see Los Arcos Mexican restaurant has signs hung at their second location? It won't be long until they're serving those massive burritos on both sides of town.


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