Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump is coming to the land of 10,000 lakes for a quick visit this Sunday, November 6th.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Campaigns In Pennsylvania
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Tuesday is the big day, election day. While thousands throughout Minnesota have voted early, the Republican candidate still hopes to swing some voters his way.

Sun Country Airlines Hangar
2005 Cargo Rd
Minneapolis, MN 55450

2pm on Sunday November 6th.

Sign up to be in the crowd here.


  • The race is close in Minnesota.  Different polls show Hillary Clinton leading by 4% to 10%.
  • Over 100,000 Minnesotans will see their health care plan premiums rise.  The Trump campaign hopes that an increase in costs means more voters will lean his way.
  • Trump has had several rallies in Wisconsin and they say they've had thousands drive hours and hours from Minnesota to attend.  They believe there's plenty more fans in Minnesota than may be reported.
  • Minnesota has a track record of voting for unorthodox candidates.  Remember Jesse "The Body" Ventura and comedian, turned politician, Al Franken?


I voted last week and hope you get out by Tuesday and vote too!


I selected our next President. You are welcome.

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