I was enjoying my drive in downtown Rochester this morning...past one orange cone to the next street with more orange cones.  The road closures don't even phase me anymore but this vehicle made me do a doubletake!

If you live in Southeast Minnesota, you most likely know that President Trump is on his way to Rochester on Thursday.  In fact, the rumor is that his limo (aka "the beast") is already here.  With any Presidential visit, we expect the supporters, those that will be protesting, and also a large media presence.  I wasn't prepared to see this vehicle though so early in the morning.

I first spotted the RV at a gas station as I was headed into the Y105FM studio for work this morning.  It's been moving all around town though and in case you are looking for some Trump t-shirts, banners, flags, or other items to show your support, you can buy those at the RV.  (If you can't see the photo below, you can find it here)

Have you seen this RV around town too?  I'd love to see the photos you've taken of the Trump RV.  Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram!

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