“Don’t be a turd today”  

Yep, I live in a house full of boys so potty humor basically happens every day. Farts, fart sludge, talk about pooping.💩  I hear it all. Those are glorious moments as a mom.🙄  When I saw these bathroom humor signs for sale at Prim Barn, I knew these were perfect for my house.  And yes, “Don’t be a turd today” is actually on one of those signs.

The Prim Barn is just outside Lake City in Minnesota and is full of gorgeous items that are perfect for homes and gardens.  Some of the items are new and some are a bit on the older side but right now there are items that are perfect for fall, Christmas, or just everyday items that you must have.   For a farmhouse lover like me, I could spend all day in this barn...pretty much drooling.

There’s good and bad news though.  The bad news, they aren’t open all the time.  😭 The good news, the barn is going to be open October 23rd - 27th!  And...I hear there are going to be donuts and cheese curds from SimpLeeSweet. 😁

Take a peek at what the barn will have for sale over at their Facebook page - Prim Barn.  Lots of great stuff there, including those signs that had my kids (and husband) were laughing and smiling about.

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