We've got the snow and we've also got the hills!  If you've been looking for some of the best sledding hills in Rochester, well, we have the list.  BONUS!  We also have a video that will show you how much fun sledding at Judd Park truly is.  Are you ready?!

Best Sledding Hills in Rochester

  • Kellogg Middle School, 503 17th Street NE - it's more of a gradual hill but great if you have little ones that you will be pulling back up the hill on sleds.
  • Schmidt Park, 6300 block of 24th Avenue NW - your kids will love this hill too!  This one is tucked in a neighborhood but really easy to find.
  • Judd Park, 3rd Street & 36th Avenue NW - this is probably the favorite in town.  We found a great video with drone footage of people sledding.  Check it out below!

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