It's a pretty big ingredient in baking and in most recipes, and now you might need to throw it out due to E. Coli.

The Center for Disease Control is conducting an investigation due to an E. Coli outbreak among flour.  According to, 17 people in 8 states have gotten sick and 3 individuals have been hospitalized.

The sickness has not been linked to King Arthur flour but they have recalled 14,218 cases of 5 lb. bags of unbleached flour because the products may be contaminated.  These cases were shipped throughout the nation to stores that include Walmart and Target.

What to look for on the King Arthur bags (check the bottom of the side panel):

  • They are marked with one of three “best used by” dates and one of six lot codes:
    • A best used by date of 12/07/19 and lot code L18A07C;
    • A best used by date of 12/08/19 and lot code L18A08A or L18A08B;
    • Or a best used by date of 12/14/19 and lot code of L18A14A, L18A14B, or L18A14C.

If you have any of the products that were recalled, do not use it.  You can return it to the store or throw it away.

If your house is like mine, we dump the bag of flour in an airtight container and throw the bag away.  I guess I'll just be dumping the flour in the garbage and stopping at the store on the way home to pick up a new one.

Other recalls to check:

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