I previewed a trailer a few months ago for a new movie called “Tully”.  I think I was sucked into the character that Charlize Theron played because she was showing the real mom stuff and the moments that are hidden behind most of our doors and not shared openly through our Instagram photos.  I've got some of my real mom moments and that trailer below...if you want to keep reading.  

The "Fake" Photos.  You know I’m right on the photo thing.  Even my pictures with my kids or selfies for shows are done in the area of the house that “appear” to be clean and with as few double-chins as possible.  The reality though, there are dishes in the sink and they’ve been there the past few days because I’m trying to teach my kids that if they make the mess, they clean it up.  I've also probably got on one of my favorite sweatshirts and just took my hair out of a mom bun for the pic...with some "finger" brushing just prior to the "picture perfect" moment.  

The "Invisible" Mess.  I also have kids who don’t see dirt.  Somehow, those pockets of filth that are laying on the floor from the groove in their shoes is invisible to them.  They are active kids and that means that they will get dirty...and that is fine with me! I’m also teaching them how to take care of the areas around them and their own selves through these little moments

The No Sleep Years.  That is my life today but looking back at the moment when dirty diapers, no sleep, and bottles dictated our life, well...I feel for all of you that are in those moments right now.  How did I function? No idea. In fact, I am pretty sure I was so sleep deprived back in the day that I don’t even remember most of my middle kid's toddllerish years. No sleep will do that to you, just as a warning.  ;)

My Most Challenging Moments As A Mom.  The most challenging moments though were the simple things that just were huge moments for my kids.  The newborn that cried non-stop every time we went in the car...every time...for the first 18 months.  That is not a joke.  The two-year-old photo session that everyone else is doing and look so cute and easy.  Well...my family was asked to leave after 90 minutes of screaming by one of the kids. True story.  

Those are the moments that we don’t post on Facebook or Instagram because honestly, that isn’t picture perfect or the image you want to display for your family, but it is the real stuff going on.  

The movie “Tully” shows that messy, no-so perfect life that moms have, but the one where we have to keep moving forward.  We might lose a bit of ourselves in that process and shift focus as feeding babies every 2 hours is the priority. That is ok and necessary because that little one needs you.  After a while though, you have to regroup. You have to find you again.

Some of these quotes from the movie sum it up best for me:

“Your 20’s are great but then your 30’s come around the corner like a garbage truck at 5am."  

"We might look like we are all better but if you look closer, we are covered in concealer.”

“You are convinced that you are this failure but you actually made your biggest dream come true.”

What are some of the real moments of motherhood that aren’t showing up in your Facebook feed?  You can be honest and share in the comments or...if you just need some support and someone to listen and understand those moments, send me a message on my Facebook page.

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