The largest snowflake every recorded was 15 inches!

‘Champagne powder’, ‘corduroy’ and ‘mashed potatoes’ are terms used by skiers to describe different kinds of snow.

It is a popular urban legend that the Inuit or Eskimos have an unusually large number of words for snow. In reality, the Eskimo-Aleut languages have about the same number of distinct word roots referring to snow as English does.

Japanese physicist , Ukichiro Nakaya, is credited with making the first artificial snowflakes.

All snowflakes have 6 sides.

The heaviest snowfall in the UK was in 1695. It snowed every day in London for 5 weeks, and the River Thames froze. The snow didn’t fully clear until mid-April.

If you are terrified of snow, then you suffer from Chionophobia.

One inch of rain is equivalent to 10 inches of snow.

In 1959, a snowstorm in Mt. Shasta dropped as much as 15.75 feet on inhabitants of the California region, according to the College of the Siskiyous. In the 1998 to 1999 snow season, about 95 feet of snow fell on Mt. Baker, Washington.

Orange-colored snow fell over an area of 1,500 sq. km. in Siberia on Feb 2 2007.

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