Cotton Candy grapes have been around for a while now, and I remember having doubts when I first heard about them so I put off trying them. I was blown away when I finally got around to trying them. They are legit and are simply a hybrid of two different grape species. Now, there's a new flavor - Gummy Bear Grapes! Who doesn't love gummy bears?!?  I'll definitely try these as soon as I can find them. They're apparently popping up at Trader Joe's locations around the country.

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Apparently “nature’s candy” isn’t cutting it

A post shared by Markie Bitter 🍦 (@thesnacksoflife) on shared the Instagram post above and wrote, "Some people in the comments that had tried gummy berries before weren't quite sure if they tasted exactly like gummy bears, but they did say the fruit was definitely sweeter-tasting than other grapes."

Divine Flavor is the company behind these new grapes and says they are a great replacement for sugary treats. Check their site for more info and a recipe for Mimi gummy berry grape cheesecakes.

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