How do you make your dog happy? Bring his or her favorite toy to life!

Happy Monday!

My dog Maize is so happy to see me when I come home, she "dances" and barks! The kids are usually on their electronics, stupefied like zombies. No, Maize is overjoyed when I come home. She has figured out that if she barks and dances, I'll give her a treat, I'll ask if she needs to go out, I'll refill her bowl with food and make sure she has water. All in the first few minutes when I get home. She's even happier when she can climb into my lap and cuddle.

This is a great video for a Monday. Especially Halloween. This guy dresses up as Gumby for Halloween. Turns out Gumby is his dog's favorite chew toy. You can see the wheels in her head turning as she realizes what she's seeing.