At the end of the school year, teachers often get a gift from the students. But in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, but from now on, a young girl in Ohio will probably do more than a little gift. Because every school year after this she'll be alive because of a teacher.

This is such a great story. And yes, I think many Rochester teachers would do this. They give up so much of their energy and time to children, giving them a new lease on life is not out of the question.

CREDIT: Google Street VIew
CREDIT: Google Street VIew

The little girl's name is Eva Evans. She's a ten-year-old with kidneys that failed for no known reason, and now she needs a donor in the worst way. Everyone in the family was tested and didn't match.  Eva was missed school a lot because she had to do ten hours of dialysis a day (waiting for a transplant, I only did four hours a day, three times a week)! Eventually, word got out she needed help, and it arrived.

Tanya Tomas is known to the kids as Mrs. Tomas, fourth-grade--teacher across the hall from Eva's fourth-grade class. She barely knew Eva. At church some people she knows became donors and she thought maybe that was the path she was meant to walk. According to a story in the NYPOST, Tanya said,

“I never really even doubted...I just felt like that door had been opened and I was supposed to walk through it.”

The surgery will happen this summer and then what? Well, Eva says she'll have techer DNA in her, so she'll have to become a teacher.

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