On Thursday the storm hit and it was January, not April. A bunch of roads were closed and the Dodge County Sheriff's Department even posted on Facebook about it. They had to because people kept going around the barricades. See the story I wrote about it HERE.

The biggest response wasn't "Thanks for the info..." or "Wow, why would people go around barricades?" Nope. It was, "Why isn't Dodge County listing the roads closed? Here's a typical comment.

Another common comment was,

I know why they weren't listed on MN 511. MN 511 gives you state level info. County, city, and rural route info isn't likely to be found there.

As far as listing the roads closed, good question, so I checked with our news department. Kim David (KD) and Andy Brownell, heard daily on KROC-AM 1340. Click HERE to listen live.

They both said the same thing, so the next step was getting in touch with the Dodge County Sheriff's Department and askt the same question. I connected with Sheriff Scott Rose and explained what Andy and KD said.

"KD and Andy are right. There are just too many closed throughout the county and no way to keep a list up to date with so many different crews working to restore power. I wish there was a way we could keep an updated list...but there's just too much going on right now. Thanks for checking in! Scott"

A guy I work with needed a ride into work, and his friend tried two routes, turning around and starting again because he came upon closed roads. On the third try, he found a way in and out.

It sure is inconvenient, so please remember to be patient. It wasn't that long ago we were in the same situation because we didn't have the internet machine, or cell phones, or smartphones, or apps. It's like life steps in now and then to remind us how good we have it compared to back in the day.

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