If ever there was a perfect time to sit and binge watch shows, its when it is snowing AND you're staying inside to help flatten the Coronavirus Curve.

But even with that, the guilts could sneak in, "I should be doing SOMETHING!"  Well, we got an email the other day that I'm passing along to you because you could do all that sitting around AND be doing something at the same time.

Host a watch party for The Office and you could pull in $1,000! According to OverheardOnConferenceCalls.com, they're looking for...

Someone who loves The Office and whose friends do too. Ability to host a remote watching party (seriously, this must be remote. No breaking social distancing for this). Ability to watch 15 episodes of The Office in one week with a group of friends.

Just pick 15 of your favorite The Office episodes, get at least two other people to join you in a remote watch party, and binge watch the episodes. Then, fill out some worksheets they'll provide and post about it on the social medias.

If you do it, you could end up winning $1,000 and a Netflix gift card. Apply for the gig by clicking HERE and scrolling down.

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