This is the kind of story that makes some people say, "Allergies...dust in my eye!"  Not me...I full on cried. You will, too. 

It isn't even a really long video...but what's behind it is what getsya. It starts with a mom that works at a hospital.

Jenn Thelen woke up to the sound of her 7-year-old daughter, Aubrie, screaming. Their German Shephard, Zoey, had attacked the family’s Elf on the Shelf, Sam. Jenn is the nurse manager for the emergency department at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.
She told her daughter not to worry because we have the best medical team and they had “special doctors” that could fix her elf’s injuries.

The little girl warned her mom, "You can't touch him!" So they made sure she knew they used magical gloves, and even sprinkled magic powder on the Elf OTS after (it was glitter!). Some folks wondered why they used hospital resources on a toy. Ugh. C'mon. Give them some credit. They used outdated items, and they did it in their spare time.

Some people sure can be grinches. Thank you, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, you're great!

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