Amber Benike remembers the day she hurt her knee in a freak accident. An accident that'd change her life...forever. It's been more than eight years since that knee injury introduced her to the world of cancer. In that time, cancer caused her to lose a leg, to have multiple surgeries, including when they found cancer in her lungs and went through chemo...she had it rough. But she also believes in finding the good in every day, so even rough days had sunshine.

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And, honestly, having met Amber, I can tell is the sunshine that resonates. On the 15th, she'll be at the Olmsted County Relay for Life (starts at 5 pm at RCTC), ask her about the sunshine. About how she was told she'd never have any more children. Ask her about the conversation she had with God, the deal she made when she wanted more children (and then had two more children!).

But most of all, ask Amber Benike about the pictures she'll have set up at the Relay for Life. One of 'em reminds her she's Relaying for the days she thought she'd never have...and for other people because they might not have many more days.


  • WHEN: Friday, June 15, 2018
  • WHERE: RCTC Campus 851 30th Ave SE (rain or shine...if rain, we'll be in the Fieldhouse)
  • TIME: Starts at 5 PM with the opening ceremony, then the survivor/caregiver walk, then the luminaria ceremony, and so much fun along the way!
  • MORE INFO: Just click HERE to sign up, to buy a luminary, or donate to a friend's team!
James Rabe - Kayla Smith TSM/R
James Rabe - Kayla Smith TSM/R

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