I was working in my lair late one night

When my eyes became big and bright

I became a monster and began to rise

And suddenly to my surprise...

OK.  I'm no Bobby Pickett and I didn't do a Monster Mash this weekend.  However, I did crash 2 parties.  When you look at the pictures below, comment on our Facebook page and let me know what you think I went as.  I've heard 4 different responses and they're all very possible.  That's a sign that the costume was no good.

The first party was a get down with some of the folks my wife has become friends with from cross fit.  They were a fun crew.  I thought they might just eat paleo treats and drink micro brews, but there were plenty of carbs, cheap beer, and great costumes!

The second party was a few houses down and we saw our neighbors in a new light.  This one was outdoors and filled with characters from the Wizard of Oz.  One of the families came as the complete cast.  It was great!

...and now for the amazing pictures!


Costume Winner at the Cross Fit party - Sergeant Slaughter.

Costume Winner at the Neighborhood party - Glinda the Good Witch.

I was SO disappointed that I didn't get any votes either time :-(

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