Plunge into the ice-cold Foster Arend Lake on February 10th, and you'll feel two things at once. a) You'll be really cold ii) and really warm all at once! First, you're cold because of the freezing water, obviously. But then you're warm because you just helped keep Minnesota Special Olympians Olympianing! It costs a bunch of money to keep the program going, and they could so use your help.

Townsquare Media in Faribault and Owatonna is so proud to support the Polar Plunge on January 27 in Owatonna with our 4 local radio stations and personalities.  Get all the info on that here.

Townsquare Media in Rochester and Preston is so proud to support the Polar Plunge with our 9 local radio stations and personalities.  If you want to be a part of it, you have to be ready to plunge (brrr) and raise at least $75.  It'll be at Foster Arend Park at 1:30 on February 10th.

Here's what's going down in Rochester.


Friday, 106.9 KROC's Scotty Matthews will host the Cool School Challenge where students, staff, and families of schools will plunge, plus get involved directly with Special Olympics Minnesota that day. It's still the same ice-cold water, but with so many students from across SEMN joining in and challenging each other in and across schools), it's really just a big party.

The Super Plungers start Friday, too, and then plunge 24 times in 24 hours! To be a Super Plunger, you have to raise at least $3,000 and be the kind of person that can handle a LOT of cold water.

Saturday, Y-105FM's James Rabe and Jessica Williams will take over hosting. Plus, you'll probably find all of us at Whistle Binkies North before and after the plunge...because that's where you catch the shuttle. And that's THE ONLY reason we'll be there. Not because of warm-up-shots. Nope, not at all.

And all of us will be out there giving away the new flavor of Mountain Dew, Moutain Dew Ice


Listen to James Rabe in the mornings from 6a to 10a on Y-105 FM.


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