It might sound simple, and really, beds aren't all that complicated.  Mattress, sheets, pillow..that's about it.  There are a few key pieces to a bed though and one of those items is missing at an organization in Rochester.

You probably used a pillow when you were sleeping last night...and you probably have one that you just love.  It is "just right".  But what if you didn't have a pillow to use?  That is the reality for many women and an organization in Rochester is asking for your help...and it involves a pillow.

The Women's Shelter and Support Center in Rochester sent out their first request for help via Facebook on October 10th.

We are in need of new bed pillows for our residents at the shelter. Unfortunately, we can't take used pillows. Please let us know if you can help. Thank you!!

The need is still there, unfortunately.  If you are making a trip to Target, Walmart, Shopko, or any of the stores that sell pillows, can you pick one up?  Everyone should have a pillow to sleep on at night that they can call their own and our community can easily help.  Go shopping at one of those stores and look for the aisles with the big, poofy, white pillows all over.  It is easy to find.

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