If your dream has been to see the Northern Lights in person, you'd better go grab another cup of coffee because tonight, that dream could come true.

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Northern Lights May Show Up in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin on Thursday

UPDATE:  Another chance to see the Northern Lights is expected to be great on Thursday!

Not sure if you've got one, but I have a bucket list.  On it are things that I wish I could do at some point in my life and hopefully I will, but sometimes those items are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Last year, Mother Nature played nice though and I was able to cross off "See The Northern Lights" off of my list.  It was one of my favorite days and I will never forget that feeling of sitting on a dark road in Minnesota and just watching the sky full of color.

Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash
Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash

If you'd love to see the Northern Lights, heads up, Mother Nature is playing nice again and could make that happen for you on Thursday, November 30th.  No guarantees that the prediction will actually come true but based on the maps that NOAA.gov released, the viewing line is looking pretty good.  In fact, basically all of Iowa is included this time too.


Learn more about the Northern Lights and stay up to date on possible viewing opportunities at NOAA.gov.

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Helpful Tips to Catch a Glimpse of the Northern Lights in Minnesota

If you'd like a chance to see the lights, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Drive away from the city lights.
  • Try to find a parking spot that is away from any farm or street lights.
  • Take a photo with your phone of the sky - if you see green on the photo when you look at it, that is probably the Northern Lights.  (The photo helps you realize what you need to focus on)

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Photos of the Northern Lights in Minnesota

2023 has been a wild ride for the Northern Lights sightings in Minnesota.  We've had so many opportunities this year to view the colorful display in the sky.  In fact, back in March, I was able to see the Northern Lights from my deck.  I just stood there and watched...it was phenomenal.

Check out the photos below that others in Southeast Minnesota have taken of the Northern Lights.

Amazing Northern Lights Spotted in Southeast Minnesota (PHOTOS)

The night sky was dancing and full of color on Thursday, March 23rd as the Northern Lights were spotted all over Southeast Minnesota. And it was truly phenomenal! Below are a few photos captured by individuals in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio