Most people dread the day that they get called to jury duty. I've had one co-worker excited to experience jury duty but other than that, most people aren't pumped about it.

Thankfully I haven't been called to jury duty yet in my life (*knocks on wood*) but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

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But what happens if you miss jury duty in Minnesota?

Do You Have to do Jury Duty in Minnesota?

Long story short, yes, you have to do jury duty if you're summoned. The Minnesota House of Representatives writes, "All 'qualified citizens' can be considered for jury service and must serve when summoned."


There are certain situations where you can submit a request for Excuse. On the United States District Court District of Minnesota site, they say that the Jury Clerk might excuse the following people:

  • Persons over 70 years of age.

  • Persons who served as a Grand or Petit Juror in the last two (2) years.

  • Persons having active care of a child or children under 10 years of age whose health and/or safety would be jeopardized by the jury service, or a person who is essential to the care of aged or infirm person(s).

  • Persons who serve without compensation as a volunteer firefighter or member of a rescue squad or ambulance crew for a federal, state or local government agency.

If you aren't able to excuse yourself from jury duty and you're summoned, then you have to serve.

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What Happens if You Don't Report for Jury Duty in Minnesota?

I saw this question pop up on Reddit recently. I'm not sure if this is true for all counties but I know in some counties, during your time as a possible juror, you have to call into the government offices to see if you're needed the following day in court.

If they don't need you, great, you can go about your day. If they do need you then you have to go in.

This person on Reddit had forgotten to call in the night before and learned a few hours into their day that they actually were needed in court that day. So what happens if you don't report for jury duty?

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If you miss jury duty, you'll be asked to appear before the Court and "show cause" for why you didn't report for jury duty. If they deem that the cause is good enough, you're all good. But if they decide it's not a good enough reason, a few things could happen.

According to the United States District Court District of Minnesota, you could face "a $1,000 fine, up to three days imprisonment, order to perform community service or any combination thereof."

If you get summoned to jury duty, maybe set a reminder on your phone to call each evening to avoid a possible $1,000 fine...

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