It's embarrassing to admit how often I do this...

I love to, LOVE to cook. And I'm not bad, but there is one area where I fail time and again. I forget when things are hot.


At least once every couple months, I'll put something in the oven, like the pan in the video, and get it nice and hot, cook up some yummy, and take it out of the oven (with an oven mitt). Then, like a dough-head, I FORGET IT'S HOT and grab the handle to move it.

I don't go away and come back, "Ooops, that's hot, yikes!" No, I take the oven mitt off, take the lid off, and within seconds, I'm touching the hot-from-the-oven-hot handle. Full grip.

Over and over.

Doesn't matter where I've lived. Michigan? Yep. Minnesota? Oh yeah. North Dakota and Idaho? Yup and yep! It's amazing I have finger prints left.

I usually ask, "Am I the only one?"...but I know, in this case, I am, absolutely, the only dough-head to forget hot is hot seconds after taking hot out of the oven.



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