It was 2016. My first Chair Affair (for the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester) since I returned to Rochester, and I wanted to pull a prank. So, I grabbed my camera, and told everyone, "You look just like my sister!" I'm such a liar, but it turned out great! Just like this year's A Chair Affair will. And then after the gala is done, it's time for the Chair Affair After-Party!

First, I walked up to each of them and said,"Wow! You look just like my sister, can we do a selfie?" They all said yes!


A Chair Affair is one of Rochester's most popular galas. It raised a huge part of the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester budget. and they're saving kids every single day. However, the night doesn't end just because the gala is heats up at the Chair Affair After-Party!  This year, the celebration takes a trip to Brazil with a Carnival themed party at Bleu Duck Kitchen, starting at 9:30 on February 24th!

You can buy tickets HERE, or take your chances with a sellout, and buy 'em at the door. Y'gotta be 21 to get in.

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