Snow, ice, and coffee...what an amazing weekend. Hope y'all are digging out OK.

Let's begin with an act of kindness and service that makes me love Rochester even more. I stayed downtown after Social Ice, met a friend for breakfast, did some shopping and came home to the 7 inches of snow.. As I pulled up, my neighbor Jim (already out snow blowing), came over and said, "Let me get it. I'm all snowy already."  Good. Right down to his toes.

Screen Capture

A blurry screen capture from THIS video (see below). The excitement of Social Ice on Saturday night as Jessica Williams and I share the stage to bring it big and bring it loud.  Major love to the people at the RDA that make Downtown Rochester MN so much fun and so alive. And kudos to everyone that wrapped up like a 5-year-old to come out and party even when it's only 10 degrees (At least this year it was ABOVE zero lol).

Coffee by James Rabe

I spent the night downtown, and the next morning met my friend Terry Smoots for breakfast. Great breakfast at Pescara (GOUDA HASH BROWNS!!!), amazing waitress Tara Engel, and a lot of good conversation. The kind of conversation you have with someone you've called friend since the 90's. Terry inspires me. He gets hit by a bus (metaphorically), but he gets up and keeps moving forward.

I love Calvary Episcopal as an oasis in Downtown Rochester. Mayo towers over it, maybe like a big sister (the Mayo groundskeepers are very good to Calvary). The oldest church building in Rochester (the original brick chapel was built in 1862), walking past it on a crisp winter morning I stopped to think a bit about all the Mayo patients that found there way in the doors.

From my dash cam, I just liked the way the bright green bus looked against the snowy city. Also I would hate to have to brush snow off a bus!

A good full weekend. Would love to see your weekend pictures!

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