I was talkin' with Jerry Miller a few minutes ago.

He grabbed Van Halen's Jump and played it on his show.

I told him that Sammy Hagar says that a reunion is coming - eventually. Maybe not tomorrow, or the next day...maybe by Thursday, though. The only way Hagar would do it is if David Lee Roth were a part of it, too. Dueling lead vocalists maybe?

Well, Jerry shows me a couple videos on YouTube. This one.

And this one.

They're both pretty cool.

It's pretty easy to be a dad when you have sons. I can tell my boys that they can grow up to be anything or be like anybody they want to be. That's easy. But telling my daughter she can grow up to be anything or like anybody she wants to be. Now, that's a little trickier. They are fewer ladies out there that are pioneering and breaking new ground. She she shakes her head at the old man. "Yeah, right Dad."

I'll show her these videos.

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