Not sure Halloween is my holiday.  I'm actually getting freaked out just reading the description of Dreadwood Haunted Forest.  If you love this type of creepy and spooky thing, you are going to need to show up early because it is the last time it will ever be open.  If you aren't sure if this is for you, I have a special treat below to give you a taste.

No hayrides. No escape. No mercy.

- Dreadwood Haunted Forest

Just outside of Hudson, WI sits a forest, all alone.  That is where you will find Dreadwood Haunted Forest.  I'm hearing that this is one of the best Halloween attractions in the area and worth the drive.

You may see things that disgust you. You may feel disoriented, stifled, pursued, and preyed upon. Your guide will know the way. You MUST stay with your guide. There are no side-doors or escape routes — once you have entered Dreadwood, the only way out is through. - Dreadwood Haunted Forest website

If you think that sounds like the best thing ever, just know that before you walk in, you have to be at least 13 years old and you need to sign a know, to cover a few things just in case you don't actually walk back out.

If you aren't freaked out yet, here's all the info you need to make that happen:

  • Tickets are $16
  • Dreadwood Haunted Forest is only open 8 times in 2019 - every Friday and Saturday in October
  • It is highly advised that you plan on arriving early and plan on waiting.
  • Learn more about "the experience" at the Dreadwood Haunted Forest website and Facebook page
  • It's not all spooky!  Dreadwood donates non-perishable food items and is also helped a lot of charities from the proceeds.  Check out the list here.

Yep, this is something I will not be going to and I'm also not going to the flashlight cemetery tour in Southeast Minnesota.  The "spooky" tour at the Minnesota Zoo with animals and lots of pumpkins...that seems a little bit more like me.

If you know of any other Halloween or spooky fun, let me know!  I may not want to go myself, but I do know a few people that I'd love to tell.  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.  

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