His Profile Said He Wanted DD's, But He Got Bruno Mars Instead

Keisha Diephuis
Keisha Diephuis

A single mom in Rochester, Minnesota, Keisha joins us regularly for Adventures in Dating. In Episode 5, she talks about a guy that contacted her but was gross, so she trolled him in the funniest way.  Click PLAY to hear the episode (click HERE for the automatically generated and unedited transcript).

How To Troll Like A Pro By Keisha

James - You like trolling men who have unrealistic expectations. I like it. Yeah.

Keisha - Yeah. So there's this guy who had a profile that city wanted a girl with double Ds and then he said that she should be available to 10, his every want and me 24/7 cook every meal and be like a size two.

James - Wow

Keisha - And he actually started a with me so I was like, okay, well, I'm just gonna mess with this guy now because clearly, like I have no idea why he is talking to me. I don't meet any of these qualifications...so he said, tell me some things you like.

And I said, gold jewelry shining so bright. And he was like, tell me more. And I said strawberry champagne on ice. And he is like, is that even a thing? And I said I'm not done yet. I like silk sheets and diamonds, all that he goes, wow, what a list that seems incredibly high maintenance.

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I just said, lucky for you. That's what I like. And he goes seriously. And I go, it's what I expect out of the deal. If this is going to work, especially if I'm doing all the work around the house and have to be available 24 7. Exactly. He was like, yeah. And he was like, peace. So like, I mean, thanks Bruno Mars for the assist on that one.

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