This Episode: Are You A Crash Test Dating Dummy?

Keisha Diephuis is a single mom in Rochester, Minnesota. She has an awesome son and you can hear her every Tuesday morning at 7:40 on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show in, "Adventures In Dating with Keisha."

Keisha Diephuis
Keisha Diephuis

Tap play to hear this week's episode and decide if you think his "flirting" line went too far. Keisha said she wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people saw no problem with it.

Read the automatically generated transcript.

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And you can click here to hear that whole show (which includes some pretty funny Social Media Lies You've Told stories).

Was His Comment Out of Line?

Flirting. eliott-reyna-ikVElsFtX0M-unsplash

This is obviously super subjective, so let's go to the transcript.

Keisha's just chit-chatting with a guy, as you do to get to know someone...

"And he probably answered in a way that might have worked for other girls, but definitely not for me. I just said, what, so what do you like to do in your free time? And I think he was trying to be cute, but he said "Flirt with pretty ladies like you." and all I said was, so you spend all your free time flirting?

And his response was, "Flirting is like a weapon. If you don't use it, your blade goes dull. So yeah, I make sure I flirt whenever I can."


And it's like, okay, so are you flirting with me right now? Because for you, this is just practice, or are you actually interested in me?"

I can easily see why Keisha was put off. Is he using her like a flirting Crash Test Dummy?

Either way, what I like most about this story is the chit-chat served its is a weeding out or in-process and one more guy is out.


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