This Episode: Keisha's Opening Gambit, The Cow that Wouldn't Go Moo

Keisha Diephuis is a single mom in Rochester, Minnesota. She has an awesome son, and you can hear her every Tuesday morning at 7:40 on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show in, "Adventures In Dating with Keisha."

Keisha Diephuis
Keisha Diephuis
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Tap play to hear this week's episode and hear how her opening gambit, a simple little ice-breaker, freaked out the guy on the other end of the chat.  If you'd prefer to read it, click HERE for the Unedited Transcript.

And you can click here to hear that whole show (which also has some pretty awesome "dumb excuses to get out of tickets" stories!).

16 Dating Icebreakers for SE Minnesotans Only

"Hi, how you doin'?" has seen its last days as a useful way to get to know people, because we all assume you just mean, "Hi!" If you're back in the dating world, you may want something spiffier, like those awful icebreakers you did when you were young, or have to do in meetings, but geared toward dating.

I did all the hard work, now you just need to try them out. WARNING: If you're in Iowa, these may confuse more than intrigue the person on the other end of the use caution outside of SE Minnesota.

And speaking of cows...who doesn't love cow jokes? These'll make little kids giggle 'til they throw up!


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Last week we learned not to use these kinda profile pics.

Not saying you're bad if you do one of these, you're just not getting as good a reception as you might think.

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