This Episode: The Dating Profile Pics That Just Don't Work

Keisha Diephuis is a single mom in Rochester, Minnesota. She has an awesome son and you can hear her every Tuesday morning at 7:40 on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show in, "Adventures In Dating with Keisha."

Keisha Diephuis
Keisha Diephuis

Tap play to hear this week's episode and hear a bad opening line and the kind of photos Keisha says do not work for most women in men's profiles.

And you can click here to hear that whole show (which includes some pretty awesome, "Hey, this isn't really a diamond" stories!).

The Ten Worst Pictures Men Use in Dating Apps

I thought it would be pretty subjective, but it turns out these ten photo types were listed by about 80 percent of the people I spoke to.

For instance, bathroom mirror selfies were disliked almost as much as the head-tipped-down photos. The bathroom is rarely the cleanest room in a single man's home (guys, don't come after me, you know it's true), and even if the dirty parts don't show, your target audience is saying it's gross.

The head-tipped-down photos are bad because, as Keisha said in today's episode of Adventures In Dating with Keisha, eyes are important. Let people see your eyes. Mindy from Rochester told me, "You don't look mysterious, you look like a kid that got in trouble."

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A new poll says the majority of women are not interested in these 10 kinds of photos men include in their dating profiles. Obviously, some people will love the photos, but on the whole, these ten are not helping you get dates (though they may help you get a tickle fight or two (rawr!).
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