I don't know what kind of mood you're in, but this little girl is so good at following instructions that it will bust you up!  

My mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen and, as a kid, I did, too. Partially because the TV was there, but also because, as a stay-at-home mom, she was so busy, the only place I knew I could hang out with her was while she was cooking.

Which led to learning a lot about how to cook (but not back...my mom was NOT much of a baker). It also led to some fine memories. Just my mom and me in the kitchen.

One thing she did was trick me into learning how to read by... reading the captions on the TV to her. She loved listening to Opera on PBS, but they were sung in Italian or French. So, I was an unwitting accomplice in her plan to help me with my reading by reading the subtitles to her.

Come to think of it, maybe she hated opera, but put up with it for me.


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