There was a Dutch family vacationing in Norway about ten years ago who lost their digital camera in a river.  Incredibly, a decade later, their camera was found at the bottom of the river and returned to them! The camera was broken, but the memory card still contained their photos!

If you are wondering how the man who found this camera figured out who it belonged to, he looked at the photos and found a car in one of the pictures.   There was a licence plate number and Amsterdam police were able to trace it to the camera's owner from that.

I have personally had this happen one time, but not with the same outcome.   I was vacationing in Malibu, California.   I love to take pictures and I was out on Zuma beach taking photos of the sunrise over the ocean.  I even had some nice pictures of whales I was so excited to look at when I got home.   It was the day my flight was leaving to return and I had to hurry to get to the airport.

Just before I was about to leave the beach and get into my rental car, I realized that my photo card was not in my pocket.   I had changed photo cards because I took so many photos.   Sadly, the three photo cards that I had photos on were all in a photo card wallet, and the wallet was no where to be found.   I tried to comb the beach over and over in the hopes that the wallet would turn up, but it never did.   I donated all of my beautiful memories to the ocean that day.  I had to fly home on the plane knowing my memories were gone and it was just so sad.   I am happy that this family got their pictures back, even if it was ten years later.