There's a house in Iowa with an Irish Pub inside!

Have you ever seen a house with a full-fledged Irish Pub inside?  If you got the cash, there is one for sale in Iowa just over 2 hours from Rochester.  It doesn't have just an Irish Pub with a stage for your band though.  The $9,900,000 you'll be forking down for this fortress also features a movie theater, art studio, caterer's kitchen, an elevator, and gorgeous views of Spirit Lake in Iowa.

According to, the contemporary home listed by Eric Hoien with Hoien Realty at 6216 IA 86 in Spirit Lake, Iowa, was built in 2004 with over 24,000 square feet.  Within the walls it showcases 8 bedrooms, 12.5 baths, several kitchens, an art studio, movie theater, an Irish Pub where you will never want to leave, a master suite WING (yes, that is what I wrote), and views of the water that are breathtaking.  Check out the photos below to see it all for yourself...and get ready for your jaw to hit the floor when you see the Irish Pub.
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Twin Cities Summer Jam Ticket Special 2021

2021 Twin Cities Summer Jam[/caption]

Check out the Pub inside Iowa's Most Expensive House

Your mortgage payment is over $45,000 a month at this house but, you can forget about all of that cash as you sit at your own Irish Pub and drink a beer. Yes, the house that is supposedly the most expensive house in all of Iowa is just over 2 hours from Rochester, and inside it features over 24,000 square feet with a full-fledged Irish Pub, a movie theater, art studio, caterer's kitchen, 8 bedrooms, 12.5 bathrooms, amazing views of Spirit Lake, and sits on 1.26 acres. According to, the house is $9,900,000 and is listed with Eric Hoien with Hoien Realty.

How much would the mortgage be each month for this $9,900,000 house in Iowa?

I'd need about 100 more jobs to be able to cover the mortgage payment on this house!  According to the little payment calculator that is conveniently located on the website, if you bought the house for the asking price of $9,900,000 and got a 30 year fixed loan at 3.065% and put 20% down, which is an amount of $1,980,000 that everyone has laying around, your monthly payment is $46,783.  Obviously, you can customize your loan payment to include more of a downpayment but I'm not sure you would be able to "wrap in" your closing costs on this one.  Oh, and a biggie, you'll need to be preapproved.

If you've got a few million to spend on a house, this one in Minnesota is more my style!

Although I do love that this house is right there on the water, I'd rather spend a few million and buy this house in Minnesota instead.  It is my absolute favorite...and features an ice rink, a brewery, and is very Minnesotany!

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