This will by far be the craziest thing I've EVER done.

The conversation happened so fast that I still don't exactly know what I signed myself up for, but a couple weeks ago Dunken asked me if I'd like to go "Over the Edge" for Hiawatha Homes... and without really giving it a lot of thought, I immediately said yes. It wasn't until later that night when I got home to tell my family about it that wife jokingly said "But what if you fall. What's going to happen to us?"

Oh boy.

Well Tuesday night I squashed some of those fears by joining several board members of Hiawatha Homes and other brave souls at Roca Climbing & Fitness to learn how to successfully rappel myself down a wall so that my wife can sleep easier at night.

Our instructor, Bob, was awesome in explaining all the equipment we'd be using and how to properly rappel ourselves safely to the ground. After a quick tutorial he let us loose along a 30 foot wall, which merely a fourth of what we'll be doing downtown as that ledge will be 120 feet!

Here's my first run down the wall caught on video (try not to laugh too hard):

Awww yeah!

I can honestly say it was much easier the second time I went down just a few minutes later... and FUN! So if I can do it, YOU can do it too!

On August 16, Over the Edge for Hiawatha Homes is taking fundraising to new heights! Supporters of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join Hiawatha Homes, step up to the edge, and rappel for a worthy cause. So join me in rapelling 120 feet down the US Bank Building during Thursdays on First. For more information visit:

Or if you're not quite feeling as adventurous as me and would rather keep both your feet on the ground, you can also donate to my personal account to help raise money for those with disabilities and provide quality support services at home or in our Rochester community, you can do so HERE.

Thank you, and I'll see you August 16!

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