How fast do you need to drive before I'll call you a dough-head? Worst-Excuse-Ever miles per hour will do it. Check out what happened on I-35 in Mason City Monday.


The Iowa State Patrol pulled over a white Ferrari 488 Spider because they clicked it at 137 mph! Her excuse? The third worst I've ever heard.

Are you ready?

Are you SURE you're ready for this kind of silliness? OK. The excuse she gave the ISP was...

I thought I was going 100 miles per hour.

Now, as dough-headed as it is, it's really just the 3rd worst speeding excuse I've ever heard. Not that long ago, a Minnesota State Patrol speeding crackdown gave us the top two worst excuses.

Going 45 in a 35, the driver said they had just picked up a cake pan they were borrowing and was super pumped to get home and use it.

A person trying to get to Taco Bell before it closed was caught doing 99!

  1. A different person was caught going 99 mph because he NEEDED to get to Taco Bell before it closed.
  2. Another man was caught speeding and said it was because the A/C in his truck broke and he was using the speed to cool down (see more excuses here).

Source: Fox

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