Many people seem to be so excited that it's 'Shark Week' on the Discovery Channel. But what about the other 51 weeks of the year? Couldn't they devote some time to some other creatures...such as cows?

I've found the perfect cow to 'mooove' into the spotlight. Blossom holds the Guinness Record for world's tallest cow. You could say she's the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of cows. From hoof to the withers, Blossom measured 190 centimeters or 6-feet 2-inches. I 'herd' they needed a step ladder to do the measurement and that's no 'bull'.


Blossom's owner also offered some other tidbits about this special bovine. Whenever Blossom needed to go to the bathroom it was advisable to 'steer' clear as she was known to splatter up to 8 feet (wonder if there's a world record for that).

Sadly Blossom died at the end of May after sustaining an irreparable leg injury. But she left behind a legacy that is 'udderly' amazing. (Sorry for 'milking' so many bad cow puns in my story).