What Is This Great Dane Doing On Kasson Minnesota Family's Roof?

It was a bright day, perfect for putting up Christmas lights. In the process, the head of the Galloway clan's "Light Installation Team" (better known as Aaron) ended up confronting and having to control a GIANT Great Dane on their roof, in Kasson, Minnesota.

It's A Moose on the Roof!

Photo Credit: AGalloway
Just sniffin' around the roof. Photo Credit: AGalloway

The Dane's name is Moose. He's appeared on our pages before as the Pup Cup Award Winner. This time, he's making an appearance because it seems, he was trying to kill one of the humans in his house, Aaron.

"I'll get him on the roof, he'll chase me around, and that'll be that," thought Mr. Moose, hearing a round of apaws in his head, "Plus, more snuggle time with the women of the house!"

Photo Credit: AGalloway
Getting Back Into the House Photo Credit: AGalloway

The upstairs window, open and unscreened, made the perfect egress point for Aaron to get on the roof to hook up Christmas lights. It was also a great Moose Escape and Run Around On the Roof Hatch.

"HEART ATTACK CITY! Turned my back for two seconds while putting Christmas lights up and maniac Moose climbs out the window to play on the roof! ‍♂️ I think he’s training to be one of Santa’s reindeer! " - Aaron

Watch as Aaron races out onto the roof and chases Moose, thankfully returning the massive pup to safety.

See the Great Dane Moose As A Puppy

This is a very sweet video...mom and dad surprised their daughter with a then puppy Moose for Christmas and it's is literally everything.

Take a scroll thru the Pup Cup Winner's photo collection. I dare you to NOT say, "THOSE PAWS!"

The Cutest Pup In Rochester - Moose the Great Dane (42 Pawtastic Pictures)

Recent winner of the Little Thistle Pup Cup, the family of Moose the Great Dane couldn't be happier. "We love Great Danes, and Moose, from the second he came into our life, was one of a kind!" Watch Moose win the Cutest Dog Contest here.

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