A very popular residential lighting display had to shutdown because of rowdy and intoxicated crowds that have taken party buses through the area, according to US News.

The Twins-cities area light display has state-of-the-art technology and takes months to prepare for, but the displays had to be shutdown because people who take party buses around the display get too drunk and disruptive.

People were actually getting out of the party bus, walking around people's yards that have displays in them.

For real now, how is this even possible? People can't control themselves enough to just have a couple cocktails with your friends and family without wrecking the fun for everyone else? I honestly could not believe it when I saw the story. C'mon people!

The light display might return next year, but it would have to be at a different location.

You would think people could control themselves, but I guess not. That is what is really frustration. Control yourselves and your booze, people!

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