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The Minnesota man is a Minneapolis man named Bob Sportal. He was in his 20's, needed a truck, and this other guy was selling it for $75. ANd that's how Bob came to own and use a '57 Chevy every week for 44 years...and how he came to sell it for the same price.

According to Boyd Huppert's story on KARE 11 (Boyd is the best, isn't he?), Bob's wife was short on joyful emotion when it came to the truck...until it was sold, then she was all smiles. Scroll down to watch the video.

Credit: Kare11 - Link in story.
Credit: KARE 11 - Link in story.

"...Bob could still be heard rumbling through Prinsburg in his truck, its seat upholstered in duct tape, its body panels a Swiss cheese of rust holes.

But no longer. The truck will be spending its days in Willmar now, after Bob sold it to Tom Leenstra, grandson of the late John VanDerVeen who sold the truck 44 years ago to Bob.

“It's like riding with my Grandpa again,” Tom said."

I can't help but think the truck, if it was the kinda truck to ponder such things, would be happy to have someone crazy for it. Which of course makes me think of the Billy Holiday version of He's Funny That Way.

I'm not much to look at
Nothing to see
Just glad I'm living
And lucky to be
I've got a man crazy for me
He's funny that way

The $75 '57 Chevy

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