Biden represents the Democratic Party, Trump represents the Republican Party, and Kanye West is reppin' the Birthday Party. That's not a joke and neither apparently is Kanye's run for the White House.  According to Fox News, the polarizing celebrity "filed a document with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday, seemingly confirming he is moving forward with his 2020 bid for president of the United States."

So does Kanye stand a chance? Probably not, but he does have a lot of support in Minnesota. It may or may not be real support but new data from Think Big Analytics shows a lot of Minnesotans are tweeting about Kanye's run. Tweets and hashtags that support Kanye West running for president (#kanye2020, #kanyeforpresident, #kanyewest2020, #yeezy2020, #ye2020) have been tracked since July 1st. The map below shows Minnesotans have tweeted about him almost more than any other state has.

The top 10 states with Kanye West presidential (Twitter) support are:

1. Illinois
2. Minnesota
3. California
4. Utah
5. New York
6. Texas
7. Kentucky
8. Michigan
9. Nevada
10. Arizona

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