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The struggle is real!  You work hard on a meal for your family, complete with vegetables that all little bodies need, and you get ready to eat the scrumptious food and then it happens.  You hear in a whiny voice, "Ewe, gross, I don't like this!".  

I'm not sure what kid is teaching the others at the playground or park how to say that phrase, but it has caught on.  My kids say it.  Your kids are probably perfect angels but if they aren't saying out loud, your kids are probably saying it in their head and then giving their veggies to the dog.  When I ran a day care in my house, I had kids saying this all the time and a few times, the peas on their plates turned into projectiles and they flung them off of their spoon.  #TrueStory

Getting kids to eat vegetables is a struggle that all moms can understand.  I found a trick though and wanted to pass it along to any mom that might need it.

7 Vegetables You Can Sneak In Foods So Your Kids Will Eat Them

Now, from one mom to another, do me a favor.  DO NOT tell my kids that I sneak vegetables in their food.  Most of these ideas I got from another Jessica in this world - Jessica Seinfeld.  If you haven't read her book, Deceptively Delicious, check it out and see a bunch of new ways to sneak those veggies in to your recipes.

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