It's another game-changer for Monopoly!

Do you sew?

My wife, Cathy, doesn't. She does needlepoint and she crochets. About a year or so ago, our daughter Bella wanted to be a fashion designer. My mom got her all set up, bought her a sewing machine, patterns, material, thread and a thimble. Bells said, Thank you... but, I just want to design the clothes, not make them.

To this day, my mom still sews. She's 83. Sews a little slower than she used to, because she's 83. But right above her sewing machine is a pretty impressive thimble collection.

Collection of painted ceramic thimbles
De Agostini/Getty Images

I think maybe that's where I got the idea for my collections of shot glasses and comic books. Watching my mom build her thimble collection over the years inspired my own collecting bug, I guess.

Monopoly has been running an online vote to update the playing tokens for the game. Back in 2013, the Iron was replaced by a cat. The choices are a pair of sunglasses, a penguin, a hashtag, and one of four emoji expressions. The Thimble just got voted out of Monopoly. It's the second "domestic" playing piece to be eliminated now. Who uses irons and thimbles anymore?

We'll all find out March 19th what piece replaces it.

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