One of the most popular Ghost Kitchens in the United States, MrBeast Burger, is serving up their food in Rochester, Minnesota and you'll NEVER guess where the burgers are being made!  That's not the only Ghost Kitchen making magic happen in a kitchen in the med city.  There are 3 others that are pretty popular on the online ordering apps.

Photo by Marques Thomas on Unsplash
Photo by Marques Thomas on Unsplash

MrBeast Burger is now serving up their viral burgers in Rochester, Minnesota

About two years ago, MrBeast Burger went viral as it served free food to a line of people that was at times up to 20 miles long.  Internet star, Jimmy Donaldson, is the man behind this online burger joint who opened up 300 locations the first day.  After 3 months, MrBeast Burger sold over 1 million burgers.

Check Out the Ghost Kitchen that's Cooking at Perkins in Rochester

Are you craving a burger? Open up DoorDash and one of the options for a tasty burger and fries is the extremely popular MrBeast Burger. In December 2020, MrBeast Burger opened its first restaurant in a redecorated Burger Boy restaurant and offered free food to a line of people at times that was 20 miles long. That day, it was announced that MrBeast Burger was opening 300 locations across the United States and joined the list of ghost kitchens operating out of existing restaurant kitchens.

You can order through the MrBeast Burger app or online ordering apps like Doordash.

Check out these 3 other Ghost Kitchens in Rochester, Minnesota

ICYMI, Dunken over on 106.9 KROC spilled the news about 3 other Ghost Kitchens in the Rochester area.  You may have been like me and had zero clue we had kitchens working their magic inside other restaurants but it was true and I was blown away that these three restaurants I was eating at were making food under another label:

  1. Tender Shack -  ghost kitchen owned and operated by Outback Steakhouse.
  2. Cosmic Wings - owned and operated out of Applebee's and IHOP's.
  3. The Burger Den - this ghost kitchen is happening over at Denny's.
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What do you call this popular food that people eat in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin?

There's a special dish that is served in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin that seems to have a little confusion about a name, because we are calling it something else.  The dish is a piece of bread that has a hole cut out of it, gets slathered in butter, is thrown in a pan with an egg in the middle.  What do you call it?  Look through the names below and let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - what your pick is.

This Popular Dish in Minnesota and Iowa Has 14 Different Names

What do you call this popular dish in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin that features a piece of bread that is buttered on both sides, had a hole cut out of the middle, and gets fried up with an egg in the middle? Well, it seems like there isn't just one name but 14 different names.

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