It's not a secret that meth labs are in Rochester but to find out where those are...well, that can be a guessing game sometimes.  Not anymore.

Back in the day when I sold houses, I took quite a few classes about the dangers that exist in homes that were previously used as meth labs.  Knowing the dangers is one thing but it is tough to know from walking through a house if it was previously used as a meth lab.

Here is an example of what can happen:  One family thought that they got an amazing deal on a house in Idaho but started experiencing strange symptoms a few weeks after they moved in.  Neighbors shared the news with the family that the home was a previous meth lab and an at home test showed results that were just shocking.  This family shared their story on CNN and you can read the rest of it here, including how this has impacted their family financially.

So, do you live close to a meth lab or is that new house you are wanting to buy close to one?  Take a moment to find out with this new interactive map.  Click here to find the map and type in your address.

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