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The small town of Nisswa in northern Minnesota may be home to the world's most unique Wendy's location. Most fast-food restaurants look relatively the same no matter where you go. But then there are some that are designed differently to fit in with their surroundings. That's like this Wendy's in Nisswa that looks like a log cabin.

Unless you were looking for a Wendy's to stop at, you might miss this one! It's not bright red like all of the others. It still has the iconic Wendy's sign but the rest of the building looks like a log cabin.

I was expecting the log cabin theme to stop on the outside of the building, but no! Only in Your State shared some pictures of the inside of this Wendy's too and the inside also looks like a cute log cabin.

The whole restaurant has the cozy log cabin feel with wood beams across the vaulted ceiling and a stone fireplace, too! There are even comfy chairs by the fireplace where you can kick your feet up and relax while eating your Wendy's meal. And as Only in Your State reassures, even though the restaurant looks different, the food is the same as any other Wendy's you'd stop at.

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