Don't you just love good news?  Over the weekend, a popular decor store in Rochester, Minnesota has a whole bunch of it for their fans.  If you missed the big announcement, Real Deals is moving from its 6th Ave. NW location and building a new store by CineMagic Hollywood 12.  And if you haven't heard, business is booming at the Apache Mall.  A bunch of new businesses are opening up.  Those details are also below.


In the video that was shared on Facebook, owner Ashley Moberg, showed that she was in a grassy area that had a parking lot that also had the CineMagic Hollywood 12 Theatres in the background.  After glancing at Google Maps, it appears that the new store will be in between Zen Fusion and CineMagic Hollywood 12.

The current location is very close to downtown Rochester at 525 6th Ave. NW.


Here I am standing on the new land. It doesn’t feel real but it is. And I’m here to tell you that this isn’t just Andrew and I’s land. It’s yours, too. I did this for you all to make an even better store and an even better shopping experience for you all.
I can’t believe I’ve been able to hold this news in for so long, but I am ecstatic to be able to take you on this journey now. Construction should start in about a month or so!
For now as we all wait, Real Deals isn’t going anywhere and there is so much work (and shopping) to do from now until then! - Real Deals Facebook page

Real Deals, huge congrats to you!

Once the grand opening is announced, I'll have the info up on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  (And Real Deals crew, feel free to send that info on to me too!  I'd love a sneak peek!)


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Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams
(James Rabe)

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